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Lip Enhancement - Add Fullness to Thin Lips

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Lip enhancement is a cosmetic procedure that helps to add fullness to thin lips. It can create dramatic improvement in both the lips, thereby making the lips and face look more youthful. Large, sensuous and soft lips look womanly and sexy. With augmentation, the lips get more definition and look pleasingly plumper, and wrinkles and fine lines over the top lip can be reduced.

Lip Enhancement in Newtown – Add Fullness to Thin Lips to Make Them More Attractive

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One of several procedures may be resorted to increase the lips and improve their shape.

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Lip enhancement usually entails only a short recovery time, which is a relief. Consult your plastic surgeon to find the proper method that would ideally and realistically add fullness to your thin lips. Apart from lip enhancement, there are other facial rejuvenation procedures that one can take advantage of such as blepharoplasty, otoplasty, nose reshaping, double chin reduction, chin augmentation and wrinkle fillers.

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I read a recent article that reports that drinking directly from water bottles can cause just as many upper lip wrinkles as smoking. I wouldn't doubt it as any activity that makes your lips pucker, which activates the orbicularis oris muscle which encircles the mouth, can cause wrinkles to appear on the upper lip. The development of such wrinkles is a function of both the activity and how often it is done. Drinking water these days for some people is about as frequent as a regular smoker who does one or two packs per day.

As a general principle, wrinkles form on the face perpendicular to the direction of action of the underlying muscle movement. For example, horizontal forehead wrinkles are the result of their vertically-oriented and moving frontalis muscle which extends from the brows upward into the scalp. Since the mouth's main muscle (like the eyes) is a sphincter or encircling muscle which lies parallel (horizontal) to the upper and lower lip (except at the corners), it is no surprise that the lips (particularly the upper) develops vertical wrinkles in some people. The other factor that highly contributes to lip wrinkles is the thickness of your skin and the size of your lips. (which is interrelated) The thicker your skin, the less likely you will ever develop them. You rarely see lip wrinkles in people with thicker skin such as African-Americans and people of Middle Eastern descents for example. (and they have larger lips to begin their skin is thicker)

Upper lip wrinkles in some women are unavoidable and can be very troubling. Injectable lip fillers, laser resurfacing, and Botox can help but there is no permanent cure. The alternative treatments of fractional laser treatments, laserbrasion, and collagen induction therapy are interesting but it is too early to know if they will offer better results.


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